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Ridely PRO
Filmed Riding Exercises
We travelled around the world to film with the best trainers to show you how to do almost anything with your horse, from flying changes to jumping a course, basic grooming to rider fitness.
Log Activities
Keep track of your training by logging all your riding (and non-riding) sessions. Include photos and/or videos, statistics, and comments to document your progress.
Plan Activities
Plan your calendar in Ridely for a perfect overview. You can add reminders and set activities as recurring for the future.
GPS Track your Ride
Track your hacks for extra data: learn all about distance, time and speed on your favorite trails.
Access to Social Groups
Interact with other equestrians in Ridely and share your journey, ask for advice and chat to peers.
Live Share your GPS Tracking New
Live share your ride with a friend inside or outside of Ridely to make sure someone watches over you while you're riding alone. They will be notified if you stopped moving for more then 5 minutes and will be able to navigate to your GPS location.
Get Statistics
Get weekly, monthly and yearly overviews of your training sessions to follow your development and tweak your training plan.
Set Goals and Tasks
Committing to goals in your riding journey can be a huge motivational boost. Ridely supports you on the journey with an interactive calendar, tasks, training recommendations and so much more.
Access to Training Programs
Reach your goals with step by step programs built by world-class riders and trainers.
Access to expert moderated groups
Interact with equestrians in the group while also asking qualified coaches for advice and feedback. Get a response in less than 24hrs.
Frequently asked questions
How to make the most out of PRO? true
  • Find the exercises you need to improve your training. With PRO, you get access to all the exclusive Masterclasses and exercises with world top riders like Meredith Michaels Beerbaum, Gareth Hughes, Helena Stormans and many more. New ones are added all the time!
  • Create a great structure by writing down the different goals you want to achieve and the tasks you need to do in order to reach them. By adding the tasks to your calendar and checking them off, you’ll always know you’re on the right track.
  • Get the perfect overview by setting different colors for different riding activities in your calendar. You’ll see at a glance what you’ve got planned or what you’ve been up to during the week. You can also filter your calendar on #tags or on different activity types.
  • Follow your progress by uploading your training videos to your activities - you can upload up to 10 minutes and 5 photos of video with PRO.